Evolution Into a Nomad…

Soooo since I’ve been so busy since I’ve gotten here (and got my phone stolen last week) I haven’t been able to properly talk about my time so far in Prague!! I’m studying in the Czech Repubic until December with CIEE’s journalism program and so far it’s felt like a dream… for so long I’ve dreamt about wandering through Europe and soaking up new horizons but its finally hit me that this dream that previously seemed so distant is coming true right before my eyes.

I’ve only been here two weeks but it feels like I’ve done SO much already in that time. Plus, getting my phone stolen has been super shitty, especially because a lot of really good photos I’ve taken so far were on it. Make a mental note people, people WILL steal your shit if you’re not attentive. I’m still not positive when I got it taken but I’m pretty sure it was when some guy “bumped” into me on the metro. But whatever, its a another lesson learned and it could be worse right?

But thankfully, my dad got me a GoPro as a going away gift so I’ve been taking some sick photos on there since I’ve gotten here too!! I’m still trying to master the video side of it but it’s been fun playing around with it so far. Since I’ve been here I’ve hiked through Bohemian Paradise, visited a bone chapel in Kutna Hora, walked across the Charles Bridge and explored a lot of other beautiful areas, and I still haven’t seen a fraction of everything!!

On top of that I’ve been lucky enough to book a trip to Croatia this weekend, Germany for October fest next month along with a trip to Amsterdam the week after, and I’m still making plans to see France, Budapest, Spain, Italy and possibly Switzerland for a quick backpacking trip! All of the words in the world can’t express how grateful I feel to be alive right now.♡